Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Final days of the internship.

During the final part of the Ink & Spindle internship we did more of the same work with screen washing, packaging orders for customers and fabric bundling for the showroom area. We also continued with preparations for the stencils we were going to make but unfortunately we were out of time at the end of the internship and didn’t get the opportunity to print them. This was a shame as they have so many great fabrics and lovely colours to choose from I was finding it hard to decide.

The company ran a Colourways competition where they uploaded new colours to their blog and instagram page and encouraged customers and viewers to follow the online prompts ad to create their own selection from fabric and colour combo and the prize will be a new edition of that range.
In order to help promote the colours that were part of the new range ‘Bluestone, Cockatoo, Audrey, River salt and Storm’ we did a photo shoot of some of the prints made into cushion covers. The warehouse where Ink & Spindle is situated in beautiful Kensington has a huge array of other creative professionals and in a nearby space there was an empty area with an industrial backdrop that suited the display and set up we were creating for the photoshoot. Here are some photos of the set up and the results.

Lara arranging the cushions for the photoshoot.

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