Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wrap up

On reflection of the internship at Ink & Spindle I felt that it was really valuable in learning aspects of how to run a small business. Lara and Caitlin were very approachable and happy to answer lots of questions and allowed me to try my hand at various tasks throughout the studio. I was great to see the physical workings of the printing process, be able to help with ink measuring and then to be able to learn some of he administrative requirements of running a business in the textiles print trade. Although my Fine Art work takes on many fabric and print aspects I am not necessarily inclined to take on commercial printing, but still appreciated many of the tips for small business that I was offered and a lot of advice on printing techniques that I will be able to take on in my own practice.

Here are pictures of some of the textile based works that I have in my oeuvre at present.

Utopia/Dystopia. Screen printed fabric assemblage.

'Fragments of the archive', 2014. Mixed media assemblage.

Flocking, foiling and print tries for textile and pattern design.

Repeat pattern, meterage at RMIT Brunswick Campus.

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