Monday, April 27, 2015

Final week of internship

Cutting sample sheets that will go in the show room.
These are examples of Ink & Spindles new colour schemes on various designs.

Example of the sheets ready to be placed in the showroom area.
At my final week of the internship with Ink & Spindle I continued to wash out screens in the sink area, below are some pics of the large washout sink where the ink is filtered out and the screens are cleaned and then stored.
Screen wash out sink, large screen for print drying after washout.

I also cut fabrics to order and made remnant bundles from the glorious selection of patterns and designs in the studio. I wasn't able to print any of my designs as we were too tight for time, but as I have access to this at uni it wasn't detrimental, I would have loved to delve into their great colours though.

I got to learn the ink mixing process, they use permaset inks and medium and have an app that they have created with all th measurements for each colour in a table/formula - so I followed the steps to mix up some colour using their scales and mixer which was fun and here are some pics.
Mixer for ink, and formula sheet.
Lara mixing one of the colours.

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