Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Swatch printing, sketch books and remnant bundling.

Ink & Spindle have a new range of colours available that they have mixed and set up for order online.
- Riversalt
- Audrey (red)
- Bluestone
- Copper &
- Storm.
I did swatches for these prints this week. Customers ring up to request their colour of choice on a fabric swatch which they can choose from Cream, Unbleached, Oatmeal and Flax and these are the 4 materials used to create the rolls. Customers are able to customize their own from the website on other fabrics but these were the 4 prominent ones.
I spent much of the day cleaning out screens and scraping ink back into pots and various adhoc duties such as fabric cutting for customer orders and postage and packaging.
I also spent some time doing remnant bundling which is when a colour scheme is selected and offcuts are sized up to add into bundles that can be purchased from the website or in the small showroom at the front of the studio.
I also had a chance this week to watch a previous intern make a small repeat of a stencil she produced in the course of the time with Ink & Spindle, we were allowed time to sit with our sketchbooks and map out possible designs that may be incorporated into a print if we have time at the end of the internship.

Remnant bundling.

Time to sit with a cup of tea and do some pattern sketching.

Close up of the swatches I printed on various materials for some of the new colours in their range.

Hanging out in the print room.

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