Monday, April 6, 2015

Internship week 1

In the initial week of my Ink & Spindle internship I was introduced to many aspects of the company, how they works and what their ethics are and everyone in the studios. Lara and Caitlin are the designers and owners of the label and studio and work 3 days per week between caring for family and doing at home administrative tasks. They told me to feel free to ask many questions so that I did as I am very interested to see the inner workings of a studio that prints for product and customers as well as designs and prints everything themselves. I was called apon to do various tasks including washing out the screens after use, printing swatches, cutting fabric for customer orders, packaging orders, bundling fabric remnants for the showroom and other adhoc duties and this will generally be how the internship will play out for the 6 days that I am onsite.
I did some investigation into the company after I went home and found some really good videos about the process that they use to print and the ideas behind how the company was set up and how it functions. The videos are slightly old so the studio is now a lot more full with things and a general buzz. Also Tegan who originally started the company with Lara left last year to pursue a life in Berlin and Caitlin took over from her in the business so here is some footage to enjoy.

The first video closely documents the printing process used in the studio and the other two include interviews, studio shots and a look at the design programs they use also.

Others for your enjoyment.



The ink wall.


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